LONVIE’, innovation, creativity and bravery: the essence of foresight.

LONVIE’ is a current brand , which is born from complete dedication and competence of historical italian company in Reagion Marche. This company was born in 1981, and comes from the PROFESSIONALISM of the founder Giovanni Antonelli, who, in the course of these 35 years, has constantly been present in his company, like his employees, supervising and contribution to bringing his shoes in each part of production.

Giovanni has always worked for big brands worldwide, gaining EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONALISM in dealing with a product of high prestige.
The past interpreted like a history, now becomes an EXPERIENCE, as a background, can be an excellent tool for evaluating present and future.

LONVIE’ is a HIGH QUALITY product, with a evolved MOOD, the same name let you think about a long way, a long progress to reach the current level: a sport-chic sneakers, a shoe with a strong personality, that does not go unnoticed, suitable for demanding customers , who looks to DETAIL and QUALITY. Each LONVIE’ PRODUCT is produced in a real workshop where craftsmen workers and desigers under the direction of Giovanni Antonelli exchainge their experience.
The soul of this new project is to create a product that is the result of craftsmanship and experimentation.
LONVIE’ is a hand made shoes. We use the best materials and accessories entirely made in Italy.

Describing LONVIE':
HUMILITY, aware to be able to give more and more.
OPTIMISM, in constant discovery of innovative ideas and solutions.
EMPATHY, a company able to listen customers needs.
Lonvié - Via Don Minzoni 35, 62015 Monte San Giusto (MC) - P.iva 00906840434 - lonviedesign@gmail.com